Adyashanti - Spontaneous Awakening

Adyashanti - Spontaneous Awakening digital download. Info: [6 CDs - 62 MP3s] | 413.62 MB. For those who are seeking a path of simplicity, not bound by th...

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Adyashanti - Spontaneous Awakening

Type: Digital download

Format: [6 CDs - 62 MP3s]

File size: 413.62 MB



Adyashanti - Spontaneous Awakening

For those who are seeking a path of simplicity, not bound by the trappings of spiritual practice, Adyashanti brings a fresh and humble approach to Zen wisdom. "Don't think that awakening is the end," teaches Adyashanti. "Awakening is the end of seeking, the end of the seeker, but it is the beginning of a life lived from your true nature."

Learn more about:
How genuine spiritual discovery is self-authenticating
Finding for yourself "what is the most important thing"
Lucid dreaming: a powerful analogy for the process of awakening
How to "Allow Everything to Be as It Is" through a guided meditation
Why genuine spiritual knowing requires mental subtraction, not addition
The link between personal awareness and awareness itself
How attachment can lead to complete freedom and unattachment
Self-inquiry: how to use this potent catalyst for awakening
The all or nothingness of every moment
How holding even one idea about what is true can be an obstacle
The teacher-student relationship: is there a correct form?
How paradoxical teachings can help your mind relax
How to identify and disengage from "spiritual by-passing"