Nicola Delic - Forex Master Levels

Nicola Delic - Forex Master Levels. “The Simple 4 Step Master Secret To Turning A Tiny Investment Into Millions Of Dollars Practically Overnight”Get Nicola...

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Nicola Delic - Forex Master Levels

Nicola Delic - Forex Master Levels

“The Simple 4 Step Master Secret To Turning A Tiny Investment Into Millions Of Dollars Practically Overnight”

Get Nicola Delic - Forex Master Levels at the sunlurn

You are about to discover a simple yet highly affective strategy that is proven to turn even a small amount of cash into a life-changing fortune, fast.

A practical way for the average person to grow your money faster and safer than has ever been possible. Without taking big risks or learning anything complicated.

And you will soon see how this breakthrough in trading technology and methodology are creating the greatest opportunities to become exceptionally wealthy in history…

Especially when coupled with new emerging forms of Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum

And How It Is Already Turning Pocket Change Into Millions Of Dollars In The Blink Of An Eye For People Just Like You.

Things that just wouldn’t have been possible even a few years ago are turning ordinary folks, who were just barely getting by, into millionaires…

By making gains like this…

“Sylvia McQueen, who invested just $157 in Bitcoin is, as of today, worth $1.2 million.”

And it is far easier to make your money grow like a dandelion on a warm spring day than you think.

  • You don’t need an Ivy League education or even a college degree.
  • You don’t need to have much money to invest.
  • And you don’t need a background in finance.

In fact, the less you know about finance the faster you are likely to get rich. That’s because this flies in the face of traditional thinking about how people become wealthy. And it works like crazy, as you are about to see.

Let me explain how this all came to be…

The day I walked out the door of one of the largest financial institutions on earth for the last time, I knew two things for certain:

I should have never signed my secret over to them. And although I had, I was still determined to become very wealthy.

That was several years ago, and I have become wealthy. But until now, I couldn’t share how I was doing it with anyone for fear of getting eaten alive by a horde of hungry corporate attorneys.

So, I had to sit back and watch as they used my secret to make themselves and their clients millions until the agreement I signed finally expired.

After what feels like a lifetime of waiting…

I can for the first-time share with you how I have made myself an absolute fortune and how you could easily do the same.

So that you can use it too. To immediately start making more money than you ever have.

It is something you can do in your spare time before or after work that could quickly eclipse your job income and have you seriously considering an early retirement.

The strategy I am about to share with you is unlike anything you have ever seen and could have an immediate and massive impact on your income and make you wealthy in the coming weeks and months.

Get Nicola Delic - Forex Master Levels at the sunlurn

So please read all of the information on this page carefully…

  • So you can start living life on your terms. No boss, no money worries, no one calling the shots but you.
  • So you can stop lying awake at night because your not sure how you are going to pay the bills, not sure how you will send the kids to college, not sure if you’ll ever achieve your dreams.
  • So you can retire years ahead of when you planned to with enough money to do everything on your bucket list, and then some.

How the biggest paradigm shift in currencies in history could make you a multi-millionaire practically overnight…

When they first started using my secret to make a fortune trading the currency market, no one could have predicted what was coming.

That this same secret could eventually be used to make the gains they were making look like child’s play.

That one day, people would be making gains trading new forms of currencies that could turn even a tiny investment into an absolute life changing fortune.

Let me illustrate the kind of money we are talking about with a couple more examples…

Eugene Birch invested just $35 into Bitcoin. Probably more for fun than anything else, just to see what would happen.

He is now worth $3,448,610.00

On November 10, 2011, Peter Kinney took a big chance and put his last $1000.00 into a little-known investment called Bitcoin, a new form of cryptocurrency.

He turned that $1000 into $2.7 Million.

Those numbers translate to…

  • A 272,517.38% gain for Peter Kinney
  • A 9,853,071.42% gain for Eugene Birch
  • And a 718,359.87% gain for Silvia McQueen

None of them had any financial training or even a college degree. In fact, all three of them were working full-time and all of them had very little money.

I believe we are heading into a period that will see more people become millionaires than any other point in history…

Because how people, and even entire nations, trade is about to take a giant leap into the future. And those who are prepared to profit from these changes could see financial gains that just a few years ago seemed like financial science fiction.

I’ll tell you more about that in a minute, but first let me explain how the secret I am about to share with you could help you take advantage of the biggest wealth-creating opportunities mankind has ever seen.

My Secret For Turning A Small Amount of Cash Into A Life-changing Fortune Revealed For The First Time Ever…

While I wasn’t able to openly talk about this until now, I have spent the last almost ten years secretly perfecting it.

And just recently I discovered that it works just as well with cryptocurrencies as it does with traditional currencies.

Which could make you wealthy beyond your dreams in a fraction of the time it would have taken you until now.

I have already made myself a fortune with it trading the Forex market, and am so pleased I can finally share it with people like yourself who want to become wealthy.

Here’s what this is all about…

I was working with one of the largest financial institutions on earth when I developed a unique and powerful scientific trading algorithm that blew the doors off the gains they were previously making

  • One that predicted market behavior with astonishing accuracy unlike anything the financial analysts who were using it had ever seen.
  • One that made money, and lots of it, EVEN when left to trade on its own with no one paying any attention to it.
  • One that reduced risk to almost zero and sent profits soaring through the roof.

“It made more money when I simply turned it on and walked away, with no one even looking at it, than most traders make in a lifetime.”

It’s not a robot or automated trading. But as an experiment, I did let it trade on its own, without any human interaction of any kind. And it still made gains that would make even the most seasoned trader green with envy.

And while I was able to quietly make myself a lot of money with it… My former employers were making millions.

Today I can finally reveal my secret publicly for the first time ever.

How The Science Of Algorithmic Mechanical Trading Makes Taking Money From The Market Consistently Something Anyone Can Now Easily Do

You are about to discover the real secrets to how people become wealthy in a fraction of the time it usually takes: By leveraging accurate historical market information using a unique algorithm my former employers, who made millions with it, nicknamed the time machine.

Because it uses historical data in a unique way that predicts future market activity with such uncanny accuracy that…

It has made even the most skeptical analysts find their jaws flat on the floor after seeing it in action.

I’ll tell you more about that in a minute, but first let me help you fully understand the amazing opportunities for big financial gains that are ripe for the taking in the coming months.

And more importantly, how you can capitalize on them.

  • How the methods that have made people wealthy for thousands of years haven’t really changed, except that they are about to make the jump to light speed: Thanks to both the introduction of new forms of currency, and the biggest advancements in trading technology in history.
  • How the extreme volatility we are about to see in all financial markets worldwide is creating the perfect financial storm, which will afford the average person the chance to create life-changing wealth in months, rather than years.
  • How the opportunities to make a fortune and get rich in the near term are coming at us fast and furious like they never have before. And why only those with the right knowledge and tools at their disposal will be positioned to fully capitalize on this amazing once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to create wealth in the coming months.

I have appeared on T.V., blogs, interviews, and some of the best-known trading and investing websites in the world.

I will never have to work at a job or worry about having enough money ever again.

I don’t say any of that to brag. I don’t even like being in the spotlight. I never wanted to be rich and famous. Just rich.

What you want to know right now, though, is whether I am really qualified to show you how to become a wealthy trader. Which is why I am sharing this with you.

I have helped many people just like you become independent, confident expert traders who make six-figure incomes trading, while at the same time building a massive retirement nest egg.

And as you will soon see, I am not just giving you the best system for trading ever created. I am also going to work with you personally to make sure you have success with it.

If you are new to trading, have not yet made the money you had hoped you would trading, or have been making money but want to scale your trading to the next level and get rich, this is for you.

Just a bit of what you are about to experience…

  • How to trade like a master and make money most every time you open a chart. This foolproof 4-step method forces you to make smart decisions, that lead to cash in your account, every time you trade.
  • How to make six figures in one sixth the time. The Forex Master Levels system takes far less time than you are likely currently spending trading, and could make you 10 times the trading income you have been making in just minutes per day.
  • How to properly use technology to erase all the hard work of trading while making far more money because you are making less mistakes.
  • How to have a software program that automatically watches over your trades like an expert trader and shows you exactly what to do for maximum gains from each and every trade.
  • How to have someone who has made tens of millions trading right there by your side, answering your every trading question, and even personally looking over setups and trades with you.
  • How to build a million-dollar trading account in the next 6 months to a year, even if you are starting with a tiny amount.
  • How to put it into hyper-drive and reach your financial goals light years ahead of where you ever dreamed you could with the help of one of the most successful traders on earth.
  • How to effortlessly and immediately erase the emotions like fear and greed that are the downfall of 95% of all traders forever without actually learning or doing anything.
  • How to become a trader who has 100% confidence in their ability to trade like a pro and do it in a matter of minutes.

Forex Master levels is the absolute fastest and easiest method to trade available anywhere at any price. It will allow you to confidently enter into trades destined to be big winners in a fraction of the time it would take with other systems. So even if you work full-time and have only a couple hours per week to devote to trading, you could still be making thousands of extra dollars per week. Imagine how a couple grand extra a week would change your life.

  • It is without doubt the most consistently profitable system I have ever traded: finding winning trades 90% of the time and doing it practically on autopilot. When 9 out of every 10 trades make you money, it doesn’t take long to grow a small account into a large account and eventually into a fortune.
  • It is pretty much foolproof. If you are a trader who has let your emotions control your trading in the past with some less than desirable outcomes, then this system is exactly what you need. If you just follow a few simple instructions that show up automatically on your screen, the system won’t let you make mistakes.

If you don’t have the time to learn a bunch of complicated rules, then you will love the Forex Master Levels.

Everything is done for you right on your chart. Even a pop-up cheat sheet that checks every aspect of the trade setup and walks you through every step of making the decision about whether or not to take the trade. It’s all automated so you don’t have to try to remember every step in taking a trade following the system rules.

It is not only the perfect system for a busy trader just starting out who can’t afford to lose any money. It is the absolute Master Level of trading for the seasoned trader who wants to take it to the next level and become wealthy. The system is only the beginning of one of the most thorough and advanced trading educations available anywhere.

While it is an absolute pro-level system, the four simple steps involved in taking trades make it perfect for the absolute beginner as well. If you have found trading in any way difficult or too time consuming up to this point, this is exactly what you have been looking for.

I have helped thousands of people just like you become confident and successful traders. So, I am confident I can do the same for you.

I have over 27,000 people who follow me on Facebook alone…

So even though you will learn about each component of the system, trading it is as simple as glancing at what you see above.

All of the information you need about where to enter the trade, where to place your Stop Loss, Take Profit target and your ideal risk will be displayed on the sheet.

After you have checked this you simply click on the System and Trade Rules Unchecked bar, and you’re all set.

This forces you to follow the rules and builds your discipline as a trader. If emotions like fear or greed have ever caused you to make mistakes in your trading, this will put an immediate stop to that.

I know all of that may have caused you to think that this is complicated. It is exactly the opposite. I challenge anyone to show me a system that is easier to trade.
Remember what I showed you a few minutes ago. There are just 4 simple steps involved in making the most profitable trades of your life.

I just want you to see and fully understand everything about the system that I can show you here on a public page. Obviously, I can’t reveal some of the inner workings and the real secrets behind the system here. Those will be revealed to those who join me today.

Let’s look at what will happen first once you decide to let me help you become a knowledgeable, profitable, confident and dare I say, wealthy trader…

First, as soon as you order I will send you the system. Here’s how that works.

I will send you 4 DVDs and a trading manual in the mail today. It will arrive in a box that is rush delivered to your doorstep.

Keep in mind, this is ONLY the first step. I will NOT send you something and leave you to figure out how to best use it on your own.

That said, it is your grounding material and quite frankly, you could learn nothing more than what is in the box and be light years ahead of most every other trader on the planet. If you are an experienced trader you could become quite wealthy with what is contained in that box alone without any further help from me.

Because that box contains everything you really know to become rich.

But there is more far more to it for those of you who want to become some of the wealthiest traders on earth as I will explain in a minute.

Get Nicola Delic - Forex Master Levels at the sunlurn

As I said, there are 4 DVDs. Here’s what is on them…


On DVD 1, I explain everything you need to get started. I go through all the indicators, show you step by step how to set everything up on your Charts, walk you through exactly what each one does, and how to best use them.

This is important…

I don’t waste a second of your time. I know how valuable it is.

This is a “do-this-and-then-do-that” explanation. No fluff, no filler, and no B.S. I know how irritating long-winded explanations full of non-essential information can be. The entire DVD takes only a few minutes.


Then on DVD 2 I explain the system rules in complete detail using easy to understand language. Even if you have never traded a day before in your life, you will have no problem grasping this information. That’s because I walk you through all of the system rules and show you everything you need to know to trade this system like a pro.


On DVD 3 I take you through 15 example trades in detail, I explain everything about each trade. I show you examples of both conservative and aggressive trades for all the major currencies including Bitcoin.

Nothing cements information better in your mind than actually watching it unfold as it is explained.

After this DVD you will feel very confident about trading the system.


Then in DVD 4 I take it to the next level and let you watch me trade the system live. Not just once or twice, but through 16 different trades. I want you to see how the system performs and the exact steps to take no matter what the market throws your way.

By the time you finish this DVD you will be ready to start taking your own trades with the Forex Master levels. Even if you have never traded before.

In your package you will also received the Forex Master Levels manual. This is essentially much of the same information I cover in the DVDs but in a more concise and simple format.

So that if you have a question or are trying to remember something we have covered, you can easily find it without watching the DVD again. It’s really more of a handy quick reference guide that you can keep right beside you on your trading desk.

Everything that lands on your front doorstep is only the beginning however…

I suppose an experienced trader could learn the system in a few hours, a beginner could learn it in a day, and you would likely be able to make more money trading then they ever have with just the information contained in what you will receive.

But if you did that you would be doing yourself a big injustice.

Because what you will receive in the mail is just the beginning of what I have in store for you to turn you into a true master trader.

I want to award you a “Masters Degree” in trading if you choose.

Let me explain…

Whether you want to become a professional trader who manages your own hedge fund someday or just want to become a filthy rich independent retail trader who works from home, I believe I can help you get there.

Here’s why…

I have done both. And now I want to teach you and a few other soon to be wealthy traders how to do the same. I’ve made more money at a fairly young age than I will ever need.

Now I want to do what I am truly passionate about. Helping others achieve their dreams.

This is not one of those “I just want to help people” stories where I am saying that I care so much about you that your success is all that matters to me. I don’t even know you.

My reasons are every bit as selfish as your reasons for wanting to learn my secrets and become rich are.

I want this to be my legacy, so I can further capitalize on it. Total transparency here: I want to prove to the entire world that my secret and my knowledge is of massive value.

Someday I hope that to learn what I am about to teach you can fetch six figures for just spending a little time one on one with me. I want to go down in history as the best trader and trading mentor on the planet.

But you won’t pay six figures today. You won’t pay five figures. You won’t even pay four figures. Because I want this to be affordable for anyone who has the desire to become wealthy.

I tell you this so that you will understand that every single person who joins this small group’s success is vitally important to me.

I won’t let you fail. Because if I do, then that failure is on me.

That’s why I am also inviting you to join me in the most informational and hands-on private trading coaching group available anywhere.

The Forex Mastery Club & Traders Profit Portal

This is more than just a private online members area like the ones you may have been a part of in the past.

This is where I will work with you personally to take your trading to a level you have likely only hoped you could ever achieve.

So that in a short amount of time you can skyrocket your knowledge about trading, your confidence as a trader and most importantly the income you earn from trading.

I am confident that there will be people in this small group who go from zero to millionaires in under a year. I’ve seen it happen, so I know it’s possible.

All you have to do is want it, show up and learn, apply that knowledge, and I’ll do the rest.

Here’s how you can use this exclusive, private members area to fast-track your success…

    • You can take part in the live webinars and ask any questions you have, or you can watch the recordings of them at your leisure.
    • You can access our support team 24/7 and get instant answers to any technical or trading questions you may have. The people on my team are experts in trading the Forex Master Levels system.
    • You can also personally ask me any trading question you have and get a fast and accurate answer.
    • You can post your trades if you wish and I will go over them and give you feedback.
  • You can access all of the additional trading tools and resources I will be sharing with you in the weeks and months ahead.

And while many traders don’t really like talking trading with their fellow traders, there is a forum so that those of you who do want a sense of community. Where everyone is using the same system and strategies, it’s here for you.

While you could just learn the system, and start trading as soon as you receive it, I think you will find that if you spend time in the members area, you will find yourself making more and more money as each week passes and your knowledge grows.

Act Today And You’ll Receive These Free Bonuses 


The classified information in THE H.P.L.R.Z.T. MODULE is worth its weight in gold. It took me years and millions of dollars in testing to find a secret that few traders ever find out.That secret is that the market is always perfectly balanced. It may not seem like that to the majority of traders, but what I found out through my testing is that the market ebbs and flows to a very specific rhythm… And I can show you how that rhythm works.


AUTO CASH LEVELSSome people think they do their research, but let me tell you, I dig deeper than any sane person should to find the secret of the markets… And then I give it to you.Many people are familiar with the mathematician Fibonacci, but how many people have taken the trouble to drill down into the very book revealing the almost mystical number sequence that appears in almost all of nature, the universe and… The markets.I worked on this piece of software for almost a year before I perfected it, and when me and the programmer eventually got it right, it blew our minds.

We found the point on every chart where the market seemed to just dump cash, and once we knew how to spot those areas, it changed my trading forever.

Let’s just say this little piece of code paid for the development of Forex Master Levels.


Think of your favorite sports team. If you follow any team long enough, you know that some games they are more “on form” than others.

It’s the same with trading. Some days the Forex market might be red hot, and other days gold might be the best thing to trade.

My basic philosophy is to go for the low hanging fruit. A lion doesn’t pick the strongest animal to hunt. It picks the easiest one. The youngest, the slowest or oldest.

Well, it’s the same with trading. And right now cryptocurrencies are red hot… And Forex Master Levels just seems to vacuum in cash when you use it to trade Bitcoin. I will show you tips and trick for trading cryptocurrencies that will fill your bank account faster than you can refresh your account statement.

FML TRADE SCANNERAs you may know, I was a fund trader and manager for many years. What very few people know, however, is that funds that trade millions of dollars per day use proprietary scanners to show them where the money is.These sophisticated scanners are not available to the general public, so you might never have seen anything like this before.THE FML Scanner monitors millions of pieces of information every second and aggregates it into a usable form. I am not overstating this when I say, when you get an alert from the FML Scanner, it’s as close to a sure thing as you are going to get.

This part is important…

This may be the most important turning point in your financial future, or it may not be for you at all…

I hate false scarcity. You know when you are buying a downloadable product and they make you think there is a limited number available. It’s B.S. and we all know it.

I will be sending you the actual system in the mail. It will show up on your doorstep just a few days from now depending on where you live.

Get Nicola Delic - Forex Master Levels at the sunlurn

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