Steve Ward - The Trader Mind Program

Steve Ward - The Trader Mind Program. Get  Steve Ward - The Trader Mind Program at the sunlurnCourse “The Trader Mind Program - Steve Ward” is available, I...

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Steve Ward - The Trader Mind ProgramSteve Ward - The Trader Mind Program

Get  Steve Ward - The Trader Mind Program at the sunlurn

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“Destined to become a cult classic within the industry, much the way Wall Street and Boiler Room and Glengarry Glen Ross have.” - IMDB review

“There’s an elegiac poignancy in James Allen Smith’s “Floored,” a documentary about the changing face of the Chicago futures exchanges.” - The New York Times

The TraderMind webinar program is critical for anyone wanting to become a confident, consistent, profitable and successful trader. It is not about technical analysis or trading strategy. It is an intensive mental and emotional training program that will teach you proven, powerful psychological techniques and strategies that will help you to overcome your trading fears, develop stronger discipline, and maximise your trading potential and profitability.

95% of traders who have attended Tradermind describe the program as having helped them to improve their trading performance by the end of the course

100% of traders who have completed the course would recommend the TraderMind program to another trader

One of the most significant courses I have ever attended. The knowledge gained here will measurably impact your P&L J.R. - London The TraderMind program consists of….

6 interactive webinars over 6 consecutive weeks

Each with 60 minutes of information, insights and practical techniques

PLUS Live Q&A session

Follow-up tasks and activities to implement what you have learnt

Presented by leading trader performance and psychology coach Steve Ward

This is the best course on trading you will ever do. No MACD no RSI just solid education on what makes you afraid when you trade and how with a bit of work you can counter it. S.D. - London UK. Through the TraderMind program you will…

Create a mastery mindset, a set of beliefs and attitudes that is shared by the world’s best traders and elite performers

Assess your trading motivations and align yourself for success

Develop the ability to deal with the uncertainty of trading the markets

Condition yourself to deal with risk, losses, errors and losing periods

Build a positive mindset around winning, success and money

Create ways of thinking and focussing that enable you to overcome fear and trade with confidence, to enter the trading zone

Assess your beliefs about yourself, the markets and trading, let go of limiting ones and build new empowering ones

Understand how you make decisions and why you know what to do but don’t always do what you know

Discover the path to consistent trading

Enhance your cognitive fitness through practical mental training exercises

This was a superb course which provided fantastic value, IMO. Steve delved way into the unconscious and has shown me the undercover workings of my mind. I now have tools and strategies with which to reformat the hard drive. This is the start of an adventure, which I enthusiastically look forward to. Many thanks, Steve. J.S. - UK TraderMind Week by Week

Week 1 : Tuesday 25th October : High Performance Trading: The 3 Keys To Successful Trading

Week 2 : Tuesday 1st November : Trading To Win : Developing The Winning Traders Mindset

Week 3 : Tuesday 8th November : Mind Power : The Power of Belief and Perception

Week 4 : Tuesday 15th November : Winning and Losing : Dealing With Risk, Uncertainty, Profits and Losses

Week 5 : Tuesday 22nd November : Emotional State Mastery - How To Get Into The Trading Zone

Week 6 : Tuesday 29th November : Breakout - Overcoming Your Trading Challenges and Raising Your Game

I had no idea how many things I was missing in my trading personality, how many things I didn’t know that I didn’t know until I did this short but very, very high impact course. If only I had had the courage to face up to my trading shortcomings many years ago, my trading life would have been so much easier. Steve’s delivery over the webinars is tremendous and engages the attention from start to finish. Superb, thank you! RH, UK

Get  Steve Ward - The Trader Mind Program at the sunlurn